The MRC LEC contributes to increasing conduct of high quality population health science research capacity, through:

  • Recruitment and training of talented clinical trainees committed to a career as a clinical academic
  • Recruitment and training of high quality non-clinical students, with the ability and desire to forge a career in lifecourse epidemiology
  • Recruitment of scientific and research support staff, with excellent generic skills and the capacity to learn new skills in the job
  • Provision of a wide range of learning and development options, monitored through a robust annual appraisal process and mentoring schemes, including opportunities to combine work with study for further qualifications at the University of Southampton
  • Contributions to international, national and local initiatives on training through delivery of high quality training in epidemiology and Healthy Conversations Skills to support behaviour change

The MRC LEC has a successful track record of training epidemiologists who remain in academic research, locally, nationally or internationally. Some of our students are staff members who have chosen to undertake a part-time higher degree alongside their contracted work. Staff currently supervise registered at the Universities of Southampton, Oxford or elsewhere. Our postgraduate students are eligible to attend a range of organised courses covering research skills appropriate to their faculty. This ensures assimilation of our MRC PhD students with the larger cadre undergoing postgraduate training within the University as a whole. Most students fall within the Faculty of Medicine, which organises an annual postgraduate student conference providing an excellent forum for students to demonstrate their developing communication skills. External conference participation is also encouraged, and we provide funds for attendance at important national and international events. Further training opportunities include access to a full Continuing Professional Development programme provided by the University Learning and Teaching Enhancement Unit. The University’s Department of Research and Innovation Services organises training on research governance, preservation of intellectual property and corporatisation. The Training Leads at the MRC LEC are Professor Elaine Dennison (Clinical Lead) and Associate Professor Wendy Lawrence (Nonclinical Lead).