• Ian Bowes
  • Bsc(Hons) Applied Biology
  • Technical Development Manager

Ian joined the unit at the beginning of August 1993; primarily involved with the Metabolic Programming Group and their work on the Birmingham Twins study. In 1995, Ian was involved with the programming work for many more studies and in 1999 was promoted to Systems Analyst.

In 2005 as Technical Development Manager, Ian delivers IT support to all staff, ensuring users ability to work unhindered. He administers the Unit’s central data repository utilising SQL Server and provides data design advice to developers and users. Ian also explores and develops novel approaches to the Unit’s Intranet and Internet needs, developing in-house applications for the dissemination of information and groupwise functionality plus the design and build of the Unit’s world facing Internet web site. Ian is also involved in training the unit’s staff in all aspects of IT competency. Since November 2005, Ian also provides the unit’s network management and hardware/software support.