• Growth in utero and in infancy are determinants of adult bone mass, bone geometry, microarchitecture, strength and fracture risk.1-5
  • Maternal vitamin D deficiency is associated with impaired musculoskeletal development in the offspring,6-9 and DNA methylation in the promoter region of genes controlling vitamin D action (RXRA) is associated with childhood bone mass.10
  • Age-related neurological and musculoskeletal comorbidities are associated with increased fracture risk and may be of value in risk prediction algorithms used in clinical practice.11-13
  • Strontium ranelate therapy, evaluated in a worldwide, pivotal, double-blind placebo-controlled randomised controlled trial is associated with an attenuation of joint space narrowing, and reduced knee pain, in osteoarthritis of the knee,14 but may be attended by elevated cardiovascular risk,15 which restricts its use to an appropriate subset of patients at risk.

Programme Leaders:

  • Professor Cyrus Cooper
  • Professor Elaine Dennison
  • Professor Nicholas Harvey
  • Professor Nigel Arden
  • Dr Kassim Javaid


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