Key discoveries

  1. Characterization of osteoporotic fracture epidemiology systematically assessing secular trends in hip fracture incidence by age, gender, ethnicity and time.1-3
  2. Efficacy of screening for fracture prevention in primary care using innovative intervention strategies to reduce hip fracture incidence; in secondary care leading a global benchmarking tool for quality assessment of secondary fracture prevention services worldwide; refining and developing FRAX-based risk assessment tool.4-12
  3. Novel risk factors, comorbidities and body composition and associations with adverse BMD and bone microarchitecture. Novel assessments of musculoskeletal phenotype for fracture discrimination and better understanding of fracture etiology for intervention design.13-23
  4. Global assessment of sarcopenia and risk factors for sarcopenia, epigenetic mechanisms of sarcopenia, muscle and bone interactions and the role of muscle in fracture risk prediction.24-31

†open access at 1st March 2019

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