Mission: The MRC LEU aims to promote human health using lifecourse epidemiological methods

  • Programme 1 - Lifecourse Determinants of Bone and Joint Disease

    • Professor Cyrus Cooper
    • Professor Elaine Dennison
    • Professor Nicholas Harvey
    • Professor Nigel Arden
    • Dr Kassim Javaid

    Aims: To investigate the mechanisms which underlie the developmental origins of osteoporosis and other musculoskeletal disorders; and to develop intervention studies aimed at modifying later disease risk through nutritional and other interventions targeted at critical periods of early development.

  • Programme 2 - Sarcopenia and Frailty: A Lifecourse Approach

    • Professor Avan Aihie Sayer
    • Professor Siân Robinson
    • Professor Catharine Gale
    • Professor Cyrus Cooper

    Aims: To investigate determinants of sarcopenia across the lifecourse; and to identify factors contributing to individual resilience and vulnerability, and develop effective lifecourse and clinical interventions.

  • Programme 3 - Nutrition, Development and Lifelong Health in Transitioning Populations

    • Professor Caroline Fall
    • Professor Clive Osmond
    • Dr Kalyanaraman Kumaran

    Aims: To demonstrate how maternal nutrition and metabolism before and during pregnancy influence offspring health; and to develop nutritional interventions in transitioning populations to improve maternal health, fetal development, and offspring health.

  • Programme 4 - Development, Body Composition and Health

    • Professor Hazel Inskip
    • Professor Keith Godfrey
    • Professor Clive Osmond
    • Professor Siân Robinson
    • Dr Janis Baird
    • Dr Mary Barker

    Aims: To understand interplay between pre and post natal influences in relation to childhood development, specifically adiposity and body composition, cardiovascular, respiratory and neuro-psychological health; and to characterise underlying mechanisms and to develop and evaluate interventions before and during pregnancy to enhance the health of parents and improve a child’’s start to life

  • Programme 5 - Musculoskeletal Health and Work

    • Dr Karen Walker-Bone
    • Professor Keith Palmer
    • Professor David Coggon

    Aims: To improve the control of hazards to health in the workplace, and to find cost-effective ways of minimising the adverse impacts of illness and injury on capacity to work, enhancing people’s opportunities for healthy and productive employment.

Data Sharing

We are keen to maximise the use of data from our cohorts, trials and other studies, and welcome approaches from researchers to explore use of the data. We have a procedure for data sharing to ensure that we preserve the confidentiality of the data and we need to abide by the terms of participant consent for each study. Our model for data sharing is a collaborative one and we work with researchers using the data to support them in the interpretation of the various data variables and of their findings. If you are interested in using our data, please email the Unit on mrcleu@mrc.soton.ac.uk