• Name
      Dr Sofia Strömmer
    • Qualifications
      BSc, MSc, MSc, PhD
    • Role
      Research Fellow

    Sofia Strommer is interested in understanding human behaviour from a motivational point of view. She completed an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Neuroscience from Keele University in the UK. She has also completed master’s degrees in both Counselling and Clinical Psychology. Her academic work has always explored health behaviour topics such as women’s experiences of food choices and eating behaviours, and determinants of exercise motivation. In 2015, she completed her PhD in Psychology focusing on the nature and role of gains in exercise behaviour. Her work developed the Exercise Motives and Gains Inventory (EMGI), the first measure to assess what people get out of exercising and how well those gains meet the reasons for doing it.

    Sofia joined the MRC Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit in September 2014 as a research fellow to manage the SPRING trial. She works as a part of the team that continues important and promising research on effective ways of improving outcomes for the next generation by supporting healthier lifestyles in pregnant women. Her main undertakings in addition to managing the trial are conducting qualitative research on pregnant women’s views of intervention studies and health behaviour change. She is also involved in expanding the high impact work the MRC does to include notably overlooked and disadvantaged populations, such as pregnant teenagers. Sofia is particularly interested in identifying effective ways of supporting necessary psychological determinants of behaviour change, such as autonomous motivation, self-efficacy and sense of control, in order to maximise the likelihood of enabling lasting behaviour change.