• Name
      Dr Harnish Patel

    • Qualifications
      BSc BM MRCP(UK) PhD

    • Role
      Consultant Physician, Medicine for Older People, Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer, University of Southampton

    Harnish graduated in Medicine and Biomedical Sciences from the University of Southampton in 2000. After general medical training in Southampton and London, he completed his higher medical training in Wessex and attained a PhD in 2010.  Harnish was appointed Consultant in Geriatric Medicine, University Hospital Southampton in 2014.

     Clinical interests:

    1. Falls and syncope


    Harnish is a member of the interdisciplinary Ageing & Health Group which carries out high quality clinical, epidemiological, basic and social science research that translates into improving the health of older people. Harnish’s research forms part of the Sarcopenia, Frailty and Clinical Practice in Older People programme.

    His doctoral research was titled Life Course Influences on Skeletal Muscle Morphology, Mass and Function in Community Dwelling Older Men. The main focus of his work was elucidating mechanisms underlying the developmental origins of sarcopenia, the loss of skeletal muscle mass, strength and function with age. His study involved the detailed characterisation of muscle mass as well as function, and also included the study of muscle at the cellular level in tissue obtained through percutaneous biopsy. His post-doctoral work is on nutrition, lifestyle, epigenetics and sarcopenia in older people in a study funded by the NIHR Nutrition Biomedical Research Centre, Southampton General Hospital in which he is the principal investigator.

    Committees, education and training

    Harnish was a trainee representative of the British Geriatric Society (BGS) Academic and Research committee as well as the BGS Education and Training Committee. He is an undergraduate clinical tutor and teaching commitments include seminars on Sarcopenia and Frailty and facilitating Ageing related plenary sessions. He also led and delivered the undergraduate student selected module ‘Appraising Medical Evidence’ within the Faculty of Medicine, University of Southampton.

    Book chapter titled Percutaneous muscle biopsy: history methods and acceptability can be downloaded here