• Name
      Dr Pam Mahon

    • Qualifications
      DCR (R) DMU MA PhD

    • Role
      Superintendent Sonographer

    Pam graduated from West Mercia School of Radiography in 1985, after which she gained experience at The Royal Marsden Hospital, Surrey, in the Department of Nuclear Medicine and Ultrasound. In 1986 she took up a post at The Hillingdon Hospital, Uxbridge, where she remained for 8 years in general radiography, nuclear medicine, mammography and ultrasound. In 1990 she gained her Diploma of Medical Ultrasound and began specialising in obstetric studies. In 1994 Pam began a 7 year post, co-ordinating the maternity ultrasound services at Princess Margaret Hospital, Swindon, where she also trained ultrasound students from the Armed Forces. Her experience in obstetrics and teaching led her to join the research team involved with The Southampton Women’s Survey, by becoming the Superintendent Songrapher responsible for the scanning of pregnant recruits in the study. She gained her Masters Degree in Osteoarchaeology from the University of Southampton in 2002 and her PhD (on the use of three-dimensional ultrasound to study musculo-skeletal development in the fetus) in 2007.

    Research interests:

    Pam is using ultrasound imaging in obstetrics to study growth and development of fetuses, with particular focus on 3 and 4-dimensional imaging and musculo-skeletal development. She hopes that this research will aid the understanding of the developmental origins of osteoporosis and body composition. Pam continues to act as a human bone specialist for archaeological research and is actively involved in writing osteological reports in her capacity as a consultant. She is particularly interested in the evolution of the human femur through time and the influence of activity upon its geometry.

    Professional affiliations:

    A member of the Society of Radiographers, a member of the British Medical Ultrasound Society and a member of the Health Professions Council.