• Name
      Professor Hazel Inskip
    • Qualifications
      MSc, PhD, FFPH
    • Role
      Deputy Director and Professor of Statistical Epidemiology

    Deputy Director and Professor of Statistical Epidemiology

    Hazel Inskip studied at Edinburgh University and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine before working as a research fellow and then lecturer at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine from 1979-86. She moved to The Gambia in 1986 as a statistician/programmer and then as project leader of the Gambia Hepatitis Intervention Study employed by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (WHO).

    Hazel joined the MRC Environmental Epidemiology Unit in 1991. She worked initially on a range of occupational and environmental issues such as the effects of low-level radiation, back pain in nurses, nitrogen dioxide exposure in children and its effects on asthma, occupational mortality, and the long-term effects of working in submarines.

    Hazel currently runs the Southampton Women’s Survey, which has assessed the diet, body composition and hormonal levels in over 12,500 young women and then followed over 3,000 of them through subsequent pregnancies. The offspring are then followed through infancy and childhood. Hazel’s research interests are in maternal nutrition and influences on it, and the impact of nutrition and body composition on fetal growth, the size of the baby at birth and childhood growth, development and health. Particular interest lies in the developmental influences on risk factors for cardiovascular disease, asthma in childhood and cognitive function. Within the SWS, there is also an interest in depression and pre-menstrual syndrome and their causes in young women, and influences on smoking patterns.

    Hazel also is involved in a number of intervention studies that have arisen, at least in part, from the findings of the SWS and other Unit studies, with the aim of improving diet, nutrition and health of young people and children. Examples of these initiatives are (1) the MAVIDOS study, a trial of vitamin D supplementation in pregnancy to improve the bone density and (2) the Southampton Initiative for Health which is assessing an intervention to improve the interaction between SureStart Children’s Centre staff and their clientele, with a view to engaging families in taking action to improve their health behaviours. She is also involved in setting up LifeLab Southampton, a laboratory in the University Hospital for school children to learn about their health and the impact on their future children, as well to engage them in science such that they consider further study and careers in scientific disciplines.

    Committee Membership
    1. Member of the editorial board of the Journal of Developmental Origins of Health and Disease, 2009-
    2. Member of Southampton Children and Young People’s Trust Board, 2008-
    3. Member of MRC’s Clinical Training and Career Development Panel, 2007-
    4. Member of the International Advisory Panel of the Singapore Consortium of Cohort Studies, 2007-
    5. Member of the Science Management Group of EpiGen (a consortium of the University of Southampton, the UK Medical Research Council, the University of Auckland, and AgResearch, New Zealand). 2006-
    6. Member of the NHS South Central Research for Patient Benefit Committee for commissioning research, 2006-
    7. Member of the University and College Union’s MRC Committee, 2006-7
    8. Member of the Investment Subcommittee for the MRC Pension Fund, 2006-
    9. International Advisor to the Singapore Birth Cohort Study, 2006-
    10. Member of MRC’s Consultation on Personal Data Steering Group, 2006-7
    11. Statistical consultant to the journal Cochlear Implants International, 2006-
    12. Member of the MRC Data Sharing and Preservation Steering Group, 2005-
    13. Member of the Arthritis Research Campaign Clinical Trials Collaboration Data Monitoring Committee, 2005-
    14. International advisor to the Longitudinal Study of New Zealand Children and Families, 2005-
    15. International advisor to the Oregon Women’s Study, Oregon, USA, 2005
    16. Advisor to the Child Health Working Group for the Millennium Cohort Study, 2005-
    17. Trustee of the MRC Pension Fund (appointment renewed 2006), 2001-
    18. Member of the editorial board of the journal Cochlear Implants International, 2001-6
    19. Member of the Association of University Teachers’ MRC Committee, 2001-6
    20. Civilian Advisor in Epidemiology to the Royal Navy, 2000-7
    21. Associate Member of the Southampton Statistical Sciences Research Institute (S3RI), 2000-
    22. Member of the MRC National Health and Safety Committee, 2000-4
    23. Member of the International Steering Committee for the Pneumococcal Vaccine Trial in The Gambia, 1999-2005
    24. Statistical Advisor for the British Medical Journal (member of editorial committee), 1999-2008
    25. Associate Member of the Southampton Statistical Sciences Research Institute (S3RI), 2000-
    26. Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society, 1980-