• Name
      Dr E Clare Harris
    • Qualifications
    • Role
      Senior Research Fellow

    Clare Harris graduated in Biology from the University of York before completing an MSc in Pollution and Environmental Control at the University of Manchester. She joined the MRC Environmental Epidemiology Unit in 1980 as a research assistant working mainly on occupational cohort studies. After leaving the MRC in 1988 to have a family, she returned part-time to the University of Southampton Mental Health Group where she worked on suicide studies, completing a PhD on suicide as an outcome for disease in 1998. She returned to the MRC as a part-time research fellow in 2001.

    Completed studies since then have included an update of five long-standing occupational cohort studies on styrene, phenoxy herbicide, formaldehyde, ethylene oxide and mineral acid mist workers, a case-control study of low back pain as part of a European study into the health effects of vibration, a case-control study of patients with suspected carpal tunnel syndrome in relation to various occupational and lifestyle risk factors, and systematic literature searches and reviews in relation to various occupational hazards. In October 2014, the Health and Work group were awarded funding by Arthritis Research UK and the Medical Research Council to set up the Arthritis Research UK/MRC Centre for Musculoskeletal Health and Work, of which Clare is Manager. The Centre has the overarching aim to identify cost-effective ways to minimise the substantial adverse impacts of musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace.

    Current studies include a further update of the trends in mortality from occupational hazards in England and Wales, and the co-ordination of the Health and Employment After Fifty (HEAF) study – a cohort study researching the relation between work, retirement and health at older ages.