• Name
      Dr Sheila Barton
    • Qualifications
    • Role
      Senior Statistician

    Sheila Barton obtained an MSc in Statistics with Applications in Medicine from the University of Southampton in 2000. She began working at the School of Medicine in October 2000, initially for the Infection, Inflammation and Immunity division in the area of asthma genetics. She now teaches the Statistical Genetics Module of the MSc Statistics with Applications in Medicine course for the School of Mathematics. She has also worked for the Research and Development Support Unit and, more recently, for the University of Southampton Clinical Trials Unit.

    She obtained a PhD in May 2010 entitled ‘Statistical analysis of proteomic profile data generated by tandem mass spectrometry’.

    She joined the Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit at the end of August 2010 mainly to work on analysis strategies for genetic and epigenetic data. Her research interests are the analysis of genetic data including microarray and methylation data to investigate possible associations between genotype and phenotype.