Overview: This cohort comprises 2,572 men and women aged 42-45 years in 2014, who were born in Vellore and nearby rural villages in 1969-1972, and were measured (weight, height and head circumference) at birth, and in infancy (1-3 months), childhood (6-8 years) and adolescence (10-15 years). It was originally set up as a ?twin? study to the New Delhi Birth Cohort, to study pregnancy and infant outcomes, using common methodology.

Objective: To study the development of cardiometabolic disease in relation to postnatal growth in urban and rural Indian populations across a wide range of socio-economic status.

Methods: In 1998-2002, at a mean age of 29 years, data were collected on socio-economic status, lifestyle, anthropometry, blood pressure, glucose tolerance, fasting insulin and lipids. In the next 5 years, in a joint study with the New Delhi cohort, cardiac structure and function will be studied using echocardiography, and body composition and risk factor measurements will be repeated. Prospective investigation of deaths and events (eg. myocardial infarction) will commence.

Research output in the last quinquennium: 5 published papers (the last data collection was in 2002).