Overview: This cohort comprises 1,069 urban adults recruited in 1993-2001, whose obstetric records from 1934-1954 (containing birthweight, length and head circumference) were preserved in the Holdsworth Memorial Hospital. The cohort was last studied in 2004 and is now aged 60-80 years; 652 cohort members are still alive and living in Mysore.

Objective: To study associations of birth size, and social and cardiometabolic risk factors in middle-age with cognitive function and risk of dementia and depression in old age.

Methods: Anthropometry, cardiometabolic risk factors, lung function and clinical features of coronary heart disease were measured at recruitment (mean age 47 years). Cardiometabolic risk markers were re-measured in a sub-set in 2003-2004. In the next quinquennium, cognitive and neurological function, mental health, and physical frailty will be assessed, and cardiometabolic risk factors will be re-measured.

Research outputs in the past quinquennium: 1 published paper (the last data collection was in 2004).