Overview: Compelling evidence that raised maternal insulin resistance in pregnancy is associated with an increased risk of obesity, together with impaired neuropsychological development and allergic and respiratory ill-health in children has led to the development of a supplement to reduce insulin resistance. A randomised controlled trial is being established to assess the effect of this supplement administered before and during pregnancy.

Objective: To determine the effect of a combined probiotic and nutritional supplement before and during pregnancy on levels of maternal glucose tolerance around 28 weeks’ gestation, with the goal of improving maternal and offspring outcomes and offspring body composition and lowering the risk of obesity.

Method: A randomised controlled trial will test the effect of a nutritional supplement administered pre-conceptionally and during pregnancy in three sites: Southampton, Singapore, and Auckland. The primary outcome is maternal glycemia following an oral glucose tolerance test at 28 weeks’ gestation, with secondary outcomes including the body composition of the offspring.

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