Epidemiology for Clinicians Course

A practical introduction to epidemiology

This popular introductory course in basic epidemiological methods is held annually in January. The aim is to provide a broad overview of important epidemiological principles and methods as well as to give an insight into the practical challenges of conducting research. The target audience is busy clinicians interested in undertaking epidemiological research and the course is open to doctors, allied health professionals, nursing staff from any specialty, and non-clinical researchers in applied health areas. The exemplars and course materials are deliberately derived from a wide range of clinical disciplines. The Faculty comprises staff from the LEC, led by Dr K Kumaran and Prof Janis Baird. All have extensive teaching experience and have taught on short courses in many countries. They have worked in epidemiology for many years and bring a wealth of research experience that illustrates their lectures and provides examples for practical exercises.

For further information and an application form, please contact Jane Pearce: jp@mrc.soton.ac.uk.