Return to work after knee surgery

Lead Investigator: Karen Walker-Bone
Co-Investigators: David Coggon, Nigel Arden, Cyrus Cooper, Kassim Javaid, Clare Harris, Cathy Linaker, Philip Chapman-Sheath
Funders: Arthritis Research-UK

Background: Knee arthroplasty has been one of the most successful surgical procedures of the 20th Century. The numbers performed have increased substantially with the most rapid growth in patients aged <60 years. Because of demographic changes in the population, there is a financial imperative for people to work to older ages.  Thus, increasingly, people treated with knee arthroplasty will need to return to work post-operatively.

Main Study questions:
(1) Does intensive case-managed support in the peri-operative period facilitate successful early return to work after knee arthroplasty?

Study design:
A cohort of 200 patients will be recruited prospectively from three orthopaedic units at the time of listing for knee arthroplasty. Detailed baseline information will be collected on occupation, types of physical workplace exposures, pre-operative symptoms and the operation itself. People will be followed up by questionnaire 6-weeks and 6-months post-surgery to evaluate their symptoms and their experiences of return (a) modified duties and (b) normal duties at work.

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