Dr Julia Smedley

Dr Julia Smedley DM, FRCP, FFOM Senior Lecturer in Occupational Medicine

Julia Smedley studied medicine at the University of Nottingham Medical School and has a clinical background in general medicine. She has worked for the University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust since 1993, when she took up an academic training post in occupational medicine based jointly in the hospital and the MRC Lifecourse Epidemiology Centre. Julia has been an accredited specialist (consultant) in Occupational Medicine since 1996. She is currently Head of the collaborative Occupational Health Service for University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Southampton. Active in academic occupational medicine, postgraduate training and undergraduate teaching, Julia holds an honorary Senior Lecturer appointment at the University of Southampton. She has an ongoing interest in research that informs clinical practice in occupational medicine, particularly guiding fitness for work advice and interventions to support rehabilitation and retention of people with chronic diseases in the workplace.

Julia has published original research papers on low back pain and neck/shoulder pain in nurses, respiratory symptoms in radiographers, influenza immunisation in health care workers, and a case management model for employees who are on long term sickness absence. She has also produced reviews on formaldehyde and respiratory disease, latex allergy, respiratory illness in agricultural workers, occupational surveillance schemes, and neck/shoulder pain. Recent intervention study collaborations include a new behavioural change intervention for managing hand dermatitis in nurses and a case management programme for NHS employees with common mental health disorders. She is lead author of the Oxford Handbook of Occupational Medicine and has previously been active nationally in the production of evidence-based clinical guidelines and audits for NICE, British Occupational Health Research Foundation and the national Health and Work Development Unit.

Julia was previously an elected Board member of the UK Faculty of Occupational Medicine (FOM), Registrar of FOM for three years from January 2015, and was Director of Quality Improvement. She was co-editor of the most recent version of the Faculty’s flagship textbook Fitness for Work (6th Edition, 2019).