PREMUS conference 2019

Five members of the CMHW research team recently attended the major international PREMUS (Prevention of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders) conference in Bologna, Italy.  Delegates from Europe, Australia, North and South America, India and the Far East included both research scientists and health professionals.  The conference is held every 3 years and gave us a great opportunity for us to meet other international research groups and discuss our findings from the HEAF study, particularly with regard to musculoskeletal pain and older workers, the InSTEP study, and other CMHW work.

Our Director, Karen Walker-Bone, delivered an invited keynote speech to a packed room, looking at the effects of frailty and pre-frailty on our ability to work to older ages.  Other team members gave further presentations throughout the conference, using InSTEP and HEAF study data, including the effect of weight and musculoskeletal pain on a person’s ability to work to older ages and also the impact of caring responsibilities and a person’s health.  We are delighted to report that there was considerable interest shown in our work by our international colleagues, with scope for future collaborations.