Professor David Coggon

OBE, MA, PhD, DM, FRCP, FFOM, FFPH, F Med Sci David Coggan

Professor of Occupational and Environmental Medicine

After studying mathematics and medical sciences at the University of Cambridge, David Coggon undertook his training in clinical medicine at the University of Oxford during 1973-76. He joined the MRC Environmental Epidemiology Unit in 1980 as a clinical scientist. In 1997 he became Professor of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. His research is aimed at informing the management of risk in the workplace and in the general environment. This includes studies on the relation of musculo-skeletal disorders to physical activity, on the health effects of chemical pollutants, and on cultural and psychosocial influences on illness attributed to occupational and environmental exposures.


Committee Membership


  1. Committee on Toxicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment (DH/FSA)
    Member 2007-8, Chairman 2008-
  2. Food Standards Agency General Advisory Committee on Science
    Member 2008–
  3. Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research Programme Management Committee (DH)
    Member 2007-08, Chairman 2008-
  4. HPA MRI Scoping Group
    Member 2009–10, Chairman 2010
  5. Operation TELIC Health Research Programme Review Board (MoD)
    Member 2003-10
  6. Expert Advisory Panel: National Focus for Chemical Incidents
    Member 2002–
  7. Advisory Group on Non-Ionising Radiation (HPA, formerly NRPB)
    Member 2001-09
  8. Research Assessment Exercise 2008 Epidemiology sub panel
    Member 2007-08
  9. Advisory Committee on Pesticides (DEFRA)
    Member 1997-2000, Chairman 2000-05
    Member of Medical and Toxicology Panel 1988-2005, 2006, 2008
    Member of Subcommittee on Pesticides (previously the Scientific Subcommittee) 1988-96
    Member of Pesticides Safety Directorate Ownership Board 2000-01
    Member of Pesticides Forum 2000-05
  10. Depleted Uranium Oversight Board (MOD)
    Chairman 2001-07
  11. Industrial Injuries Advisory Council (DSS)
    Member 1988-2003
    Member of Research Working Group 1988-97
    Chairman of Research Working Group 1997-2000
    Chairman of Disability Assessment Working Group 1993-95
  12. Expert Panel on Air Quality Standards (DETR)
    Member 1995-2002
  13. Committee on Toxicity Working Group on Organophosphates (DH)
    Member 1998-99
  14. Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones (DH)
    Member 1999-2000
  15. Steering Committee for Small Area Health Statistics Unit (DH)
    Member 1993-2000
  16. Expert Advisory Panel of Health Advisory Group on Chemical Contamination Incidents (DH)
    Member 1993-2002


  1. Military Health Research Advisory Group Member 2001-
  2. College of Experts Member 2006–09
  3. Committee on Toxic Hazards in the Environment and the Workplace Member 1992-96
    Chairman of Working Group on the Assessment of Environmental Exposures 1993-94
  4. IACGEC Working Group on Global Environmental Change Data Management Policy MRC representative 1992-93
  5. Gulf War Illness Research Programme Steering Committee and Liaison Committee Member 1996-2000
  6. Steering committee for MRC Institute of Environment and Health Member 1996-98, Advisory Board Member 1997-2003
  7. Working Group on Personal Information in Medical Research Member 1999-2000


  1. Member, Plant Protection Products and their Residues Panel, European Food Safety Authority, 2006-09
  2. Adviser to WHO at workshop on environmental exposure assessment 1993
  3. Adviser to International Agency for Research on Cancer for monographs on industrial chemicals 1994, 1998, 2004, 2007
  4. Adviser to WHO at workshop on small area mortality statistics 1995
  5. Adviser to International Agency for Research on Cancer at meeting on biomarkers in cancer epidemiology 1996
  6. Member of International Advisory Board, Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment and Health. 1996-
  7. Member of CEFIC Health Sciences Panel on endocrine modulators 1997-98
  8. Member of expert panel to oversee a review of styrene by the Harvard Centre for Risk Analysis 1999-2000
  9. Member of International Review Panel for Danish National Institute of Occupational Health 2000
  10. Expert Evaluator. Belgian Federal Research Programmes on Health-Work environment 2003-4
  11. Member, Management Group of EPICOH (epidemiology section of the International Commission on Occupational Health) 2006-09

David’s PA is Sue Curtis.




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